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2014-15 Third Edition Basketball Practice Schedule Released
The Second Edition of the new Basketball practice schedule has been released. This Schedule will run up to Jan. 5th. An Fourth Edition Schedule will be released before this one runs out.  To download a copy, click the link below:

Basketball Practice Schedule THIRD EDITION DOWNLOAD

Trion Rec. Basketball Picture Schedule

Pictures will be taken on Saturday, December 27th by Jerry Lathem photography at the Trion Rec. Big Gym

Team                             Coach                                                         Time          

9-10 Boys White          Rick Chesley                           9:30am-9:45am

11-12 Girls Blue           Brandi Mosley                        9:46am-10:00am

9-10 Boys Blue             Jason Ramey                          10:00am-10:15am

11-12 Girls Grey           Jessica Park                             10:15am-10:30am

9-10 Boys Grey             Bryant Park                             10:30am-10:45am

11-12 Girls White        Tonya Overbay                       10:45am-11:00am

11-12 Boys Blue          Jon Skelton                             11:00am-11:15am

13-14 Boys                    Shane Cook                             11:15am-11:30am

7-8 Boys White            Jordan Adams                         11:30am-11:45am

13-14 Girls                    Hope & Danny Calaway       11:45pm-12:00pm

7-8 Girls Grey               Amanda Brown                     12:00pm-12:15pm

11-12 Boys White        Jacob Cordell                         12:15pm-12:30pm

7-8 Girls Blue                Danny Calaway                      12:30pm-12:45pm

9-10 Girls Grey             Alaina Carpenter                   12:45pm-1:00pm

7-8 Girls White             Kristen Williams           1:00pm-1:15pm

9-10 Girls White           Robbie Lathem                       1:15pm-1:30pm

7-8 Boys Blue               Mike Bowers                         1:30pm-1:45pm

9-10 Girls Blue             Amanda Burke                      1:45pm-2:00pm

7-8 Boys Grey              Anthony McWhorter            2:00pm-2:15pm

Note:  If there is a conflict with the schedule, please contact Jerry Lathem for a reschedule.

2014 Santa in Uniform Basketball Tournament Brackets released!

The 2014 Santa in Uniform Basketball tournament brackets have been released. The Tournament, sponsored by the Summerville Rec. Dept. and the Summerville Police Dept., will begin on Friday night and play through next week. The Tournament is single elimination.  All proceeds for the event will benefit the needy children of Chattooga County to help purchase Christmas presents for them. To download a copy of your teams bracket, click the appropriate age link below. Please come out and support your teams this weekend and next week but more importantly help support a great cause!

7-8 Girls Bracket

7-8 Boys Bracket

9-10 Girls Bracket

9-10 Boys Bracket

11-12 Girls Bracket

11-12 Boys Bracket

**Note: You need a copy of Microsoft Excel to download these brackets



            In an All-Bulldog Showdown, Trion Blue used a stingy defense and just enough offense to edge Trion White 6-0 last Saturday morning to win Super Bowl V. Ridgeland High School was the site for this intense battle that had fans on both sides on the edge of their seats for the entire game. The Blue’s Christian Henderson was selected MVP as it was his 63 yard touchdown run that proved to be the difference in the game.

            The game was one of the most anticipated contests as it was the first time two teams from the same recreation agency met for the league championship. The North Georgia Youth Football League has been in operation for over 20 years and five years ago began calling their championship “Super Bowl”. About 10 different recreation agencies participate in the league.

            Trion White had sailed through the regular season and the post season tournament with 9-0 record. Trion Blue was 7-3 but the team seemed to get better with each contest. The White recorded two wins over Blue in the regular season but the past would not play a factor in the Super Bowl.

            Both sides were ready to go on a cool but comfortable morning on Ridgeland’s artificial surface field. The two teams were recognized with a Friday walk-through pep rally at the elementary school and were led by police escort to the stadium on Saturday morning.

            The Blue had the ball first and garnered three yards before “punting” to the White. The White Dogs began on their own 37 and two plays and a Blue penalty gave White a first down. Cam Pritchett then ripped off a 28 yard run finally hauled down by Porter Sentell. Now at the Blue 22, the Blue defense stiffened. Two runs picked up 0 yards and on third down the ball carrier was dropped for a 3 yard loss. The Blue jumped off sides on 4th and 14 but the White still faced a 4th and 9. Pritchett’s run netted only 4 yards and the Blue took over on downs as the first quarter came to an end.

            Blue’s offense still wasn’t clicking as a loss of 4 and a fumbled snap forced another punt out to the Blue 43. But the White began hitting that rock wall that the Blue presented and ground to a halt. When White’s pass attempt fell to the turf incomplete the Blue took over on downs at the 43.

            With the clock running down in the first half the Blue pounded ahead for 5 yards on two plays. A third down run was negated by a holding penalty and now the Blue was facing a 3rd and 17 from their own 37 yard line. About 15 seconds showed on the clock when the Blue snapped the ball. Henderson tried the left side of the White line but found several White clad Dogs in his path. The speedy Henderson reversed course and set sail down the visitor’s sideline, out running the last White player into the endzone for a 63 yard TD, as the clock hit 0:00. The point after was stopped at the line but the Blue had a 6-0 lead as the teams broke for halftime.

            To begin the second half, Trion White took the ball at their own 35 yard line. Three plays gained 11 yards and a first down. Pritchett then passed to Noah Gann for a 25 yard gain to the Blue 29 yard line. It looked like White had the momentum and was headed for the score but as Lee Corso says “Not so fast my friend”. Blue’s defense rose up again and stopped the White at the 22 yard line, taking over on downs.

            Blue was unable to move the ball after three plays and their punt ended the third quarter. The White took over on their own 48 and began a time consuming 10 play march. With Pritchett doing most of the running, the White Dogs sailed down the field. A key 8 yard run put the White into Blue territory at the 29. A block in the back on White erased a 9 yard gain and penalized the White back to the 36. On second and 11 Pritchett finally found that crease in the Blue defense and raced 36 yards for a Blue touchdown, but there was a flag on the play. Both teams held their breath as the referee signaled illegal procedure (not enough on the line of scrimmage) on the White, no touchdown and a five yard penalty. The White now were back at the 41. A ten yard pass to Gann brought up a 4th and 7 with the game clock winding down. After a timeout, the Blue defense made their final statement of the game when Bryson Roberts and Paul Hardman dropped Pritchett for a 5 yard loss in the backfield.

            The Blue then when into victory formation and simply ran out the clock to preserve the win. The long awaited victory over the team that had defeated them twice during the regular season was theirs. They had come a long way from the first of the year to be crowned “Super Bowl V Champions”.


                                                BLUE                                      WHITE

                                                    1          FIRST DOWNS          5

                                             14-68      ATTS.-RUSHING    27-78

                                          0-0-0        ATTS.COMPS. INTS.  2-3-0

                                                   0             PASSING                 35

                                                 68         TOTAL YARDS         113

                                            4-30         PENALTY YARDS     3-20


Super Bowl 5 MVP Christian Henderson

2014-15 Basketball Rosters
To download a copy of your son/daughter's roster, click the appropriate age divisions below:

7-8 Girls
7-8 Boys
9-10 Girls
9-10 Boys
11-12 Girls
11-12 Boys
13-14 Girls
13-14 Boys


New NGYFL Trion Bulldog Merchandise Shop!

The Trion Rec. is pleased to announce that the NGYFL now has a new merchandise shop featuring the NGYFL logo and the Trion Bulldogs colors and script! Own the official shirt of the NGYFL!!You can now order T-Shirts, Sweat shirts, Fitted hats, Ladies tank tops, Pullovers and Coaches Polo shirts all from the NGYFL website in a variable of colors and sizes! Best of all, each item sold generates a 50% profit back the Trion Recreation Dept.  Coaches: get your NGYFL Trion polo shirt and fitted hat here and look like a pro walking the sidelines. Parents and coaches, please help support our Rec. and our league by purchasing all your Trion Football merchandise from here!!  Please click the link below to see everything the NGYFL has to offer: 

NGYFL Trion Merchandise Shop  

Notice! New Town of Trion Policy regarding Pets
Starting on Monday, April 28th The Town of Trion will be implementing a new policy that will prohibit Pet Owners from bringing their pets inside the fenced in areas of the Recreation complex. Due to numerous complaints about dogs and cats at ballgames, the town of Trion has decided to ban any pets from the Trion Recreation Complex Property. These boundaries include the T-Ball Field, The Chamlee Field, The Greenwood Field, The Crisp Field, The Gilreath Field and the Tennis Courts. Also... inside the Perimeter fencing will be off limits to all pets of any kind with the EXCEPTION of any service dogs that help the physically handicapped(I.E. Seeing eye dogs etc.)   Perimeter fencing includes the entire area around the T-Ball and Chamlee fields inside the perimeter fence and the Entire area around the Crisp, Greenwood, Gilreath fields, and Tennis Courts inside the perimeter fencing. Also included in this ban is the Track Field area , the Pavilion, and the Playground area at the Pavilion. Pet owners are free to use the area where the old apartments once stood. If you have any questions about this you can call the Recreation Dept. at 706-734-2011 or the Town Of Trion offices at 706-734-2332.


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