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Notice! New Town of Trion Policy regarding Pets
Starting on Monday, April 28th The Town of Trion will be implementing a new policy that will prohibit Pet Owners from bringing their pets inside the fenced in areas of the Recreation complex. Due to numerous complaints about dogs and cats at ballgames, the town of Trion has decided to ban any pets from the Trion Recreation Complex Property. These boundaries include the T-Ball Field, The Chamlee Field, The Greenwood Field, The Crisp Field, The Gilreath Field and the Tennis Courts. Also... inside the Perimeter fencing will be off limits to all pets of any kind with the EXCEPTION of any service dogs that help the physically handicapped(I.E. Seeing eye dogs etc.)   Perimeter fencing includes the entire area around the T-Ball and Chamlee fields inside the perimeter fence and the Entire area around the Crisp, Greenwood, Gilreath fields, and Tennis Courts inside the perimeter fencing. Also included in this ban is the Track Field area , the Pavilion, and the Playground area at the Pavilion. Pet owners are free to use the area where the old apartments once stood. If you have any questions about this you can call the Recreation Dept. at 706-734-2011 or the Town Of Trion offices at 706-734-2332.

2014 Baseball/Softball Game Schedules released!
The 2014 Chattooga County League Baseball/Softball Schedules have been released. The season will start on Monday, April 28th. To download a copy of your son/daughter's schedule, please click the appropriate age division link below:

7-8 Girls Farm League Game Schedule

7-8 Boys Farm League Game Schedule

9-10 Girls Minor League Game Schedule

9-10 Boys Minor League Game Schedule

11-12 Girls Freshman League Game Schedule

11-12 Boys Freshman League Game Schedule

13-14 Boys Sophomore League Game Schedule

**More schedules will be added as they are released

Extended Practice Schedules released
The Trion Rec. Dept. has released the extended practice schedules for the 2014 baseball/softball season. To download a copy of your son/daughter's practice schedule, please click the proper link below:

7-8 Boys Extended Practice schedule

7-8 Girls Extended Practice schedule

9-10 Boys Extended Practice Schedule

9-10 Girls Extended Practice Schedule

11-12 Girls Extended Practice Schedule

11-12 and 13-14 Boys Extended Practice Schedule

13-14 Girls Extended Practice Schedule

3-4 Tot Ball Practice Schedule

5-6 T-Ball Practice Schedule

2014 Baseball/Softball Rosters
To download a copy of you son/daughter's roster, click the appropriate age division below:

2014 Tot-Ball 3-4 Co-Ed Rosters

2014 T-Ball 5-6 Co-Ed Rosters

2014 Farm League 7-8 Girls Rosters 

2014 Farm League 7-8 Boys Rosters

2014 Minor League 9-10 Girls Rosters

2014 Minor League 9-10 Boys Rosters

2014 Freshman League 11-12 Girls Rosters

2014 Freshman League 11-12 Boys Rosters

2014 Sophomore League 13-14 Girls Rosters

2014 Sophomore League 13-14 Boys Rosters

Trion Mat Dogs have successful State Tournament

The Trion Mat Dogs had another very successful wrestling season. Twenty-four wrestlers qualified for a very tough state tournament at the Georgia Dome. Winning medals were Crawford Lee 2nd, Toby  Maddux 3rd, Andrew Jones 4th, Cole Luallen 3rd and Logan Blevins 3rd. Trion eight and under won the runner up team trophy, finishing only one point behind Morris Fitness. This is the 2nd consecutive year these kids have finished top two in the state. Congratulations to these awesome young grapplers.



Medal winners: (left-right) Andrew Jones, Cole Luallen, Crawford Lee, Logan Blevins and Toby Maddux

Trion Recreation announces association with Dizzy Dean Baseball/Softball beginning in 2014

The Trion Recreation Dept. is pleased to announce that beginning
 this year, we will be making the change to play Dizzy Dean Baseball and Softball. Here is some info about Dizzy Dean from their website:

 Dizzy Dean Baseball/Softball 

Dizzy Dean Baseball, Inc. is a non-profit youth Baseball/Softball organization whose mission is to provide a recreation outlet for as many youth as possible regardless of sex, religion, race or color. 


Our goal is to instill in our youth the ideas of good sportsmanship, honesty, discipline and a sense of teamwork so that they may become strong, healthy, well-adjusted members of their community.


The rules of Dizzy Dean Baseball Inc. are designed with emphasis on local league play rather than tournament play.  However, we do offer State and World Series tournaments for leagues wishing to participate.


Our rules are based on the official rules of Major League Baseball with specific modifications and field dimensions, which are designed with the age specific physical development of the youth taking precedence. 

There is no such thing as “one size fits all”; every community has their own specific needs.  With this in mind, Dizzy Dean Baseball/Softball allows individual parks tomodify their regular season playing rules to better fit the needs of their youth, as long as the overall intent of the rules is not violated (particularly pitching rules).


Jay Hannah “Dizzy” Dean was always interested in youth baseball and the development of youth. Dizzy Dean Baseball, Inc. is a front-runner in youth baseball and softball and our intentions are to honor Dizzy Dean by associating his name with a recognized leader in the field of youth baseball and softball.


First organized in 1977 Dizzy Dean Baseball, Inc. has grown to a multi-state youth based organization.

What will we be offering in Dizzy Dean Baseball/ Softball? 

Here will be the new divisions for this year with a few slight modifications that we think will excite our parents and kids of our programs. 

  • 7-8 Girls will be coach pitch instead of machine pitch. 
  • 7-8 Boys will be coach pitch instead of machine pitch and they can now use Big Barrel Bats (2 and 1/4 , 2 and 5/8 and 2 and 3/4). 7-8 Boys games will now be played on the J. W. Greenwood Field. 
  • 9-10 Girls will be LIVE ARM instead of machine pitch. The pitching distance will be 35 Ft. 
  • 9-10 Boys will be live arm and they can now use Big Barrel Bats (2 and 1/4 , 2 and 5/8 and 2 and 3/4). The pitching distance will be 46 Ft. 
  • 11-12 Girls will be LIVE ARM. The pitching distance will be 40 ft. 
  • 11-12 Boys will be Live Arm and they can now use Big Barrel Bats (2 and 1/4 , 2 and 5/8 and 2 and 3/4). 11-12 Boys games will be moved to the Crisp Field. They will be allowed to play off bases and balks can and will be called. Bases will be moved back to 70 foot and a temporary fence will be put up to shorten the outfield distance. The pitching distance will be 50 Ft. 
  • 13-14 Boys will be Live Arm, 80 Foot bases and 54 foot pitching distance. 
  • 13-14 Girls will play Live Arm. The pitching distance will be 43 ft. 

We think these changes will help BOTH our Girls and Boys divisions to develop quicker in both sports. 
For a more enhanced look at the rules, please click the links below and read up and if you have any questions, feel free to call the Rec. Dept. at 706-734-2011

2013 Dizzy Dean Softball Rules
2013 Dizzy Dean Baseball Rules



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