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Open Monday-Saturday 8am-9pm Wednesdays 8am-5pm Closed on Sundays 

NGYFL Jamboree Schedule and Regular Season Schedule released
The NGYFY has released the Jamboree Schedule and the Regular Season Schedule. 

To Download a copy of the Jamboree Schedule, Click the link below

2015 Football Jamboree Schedule

To Download a copy of the Regular Season Master Schedule, Click the link below:

2015 Football Regular Season Master Schedule

If you would like to download an individual team schedule, the NGYFL website has you covered: Go to the following link:NGYFL Individual Team Schedules and click the appropriate age box to pull up your teams individual schedule. 

2015 Football /Cheerleading Rosters released

The 2015 Football/Cheerleading rosters have been released. To download a copy of your son/daughter's team, click the appropriate age link below:

5-6 Football
7U Football
8U Football
9U Football
10-11 Football

5-6 Cheerleading
7U Cheerleading
9U Cheerleading
10-11 Cheerleading

2015 Soccer Rosters Released

The 2015 Soccer rosters have been released. To download a copy of your son/daughter's team, click the appropriate age link below:

U10 Girls

U10 Boys 

U12 Co-Ed

U14 Co-Ed

5-6 Rosters will be released at a later date

2015 SOCCER Practice Schedule has been released
Click the link below to download the 2015 Soccer practice schedule:

2015 Soccer Practice Schedule Download link

Notice! Town of Trion Policy regarding Pets
Starting on Monday, April 28th The Town of Trion will be implementing a new policy that will prohibit Pet Owners from bringing their pets inside the fenced in areas of the Recreation complex. Due to numerous complaints about dogs and cats at ballgames, the town of Trion has decided to ban any pets from the Trion Recreation Complex Property. These boundaries include the T-Ball Field, The Chamlee Field, The Greenwood Field, The Crisp Field, The Gilreath Field and the Tennis Courts. Also... inside the Perimeter fencing will be off limits to all pets of any kind with the EXCEPTION of any service dogs that help the physically handicapped(I.E. Seeing eye dogs etc.)   Perimeter fencing includes the entire area around the T-Ball and Chamlee fields inside the perimeter fence and the Entire area around the Crisp, Greenwood, Gilreath fields, and Tennis Courts inside the perimeter fencing. Also included in this ban is the Track Field area , the Pavilion, and the Playground area at the Pavilion. Pet owners are free to use the area where the old apartments once stood. If you have any questions about this you can call the Recreation Dept. at 706-734-2011 or the Town Of Trion offices at 706-734-2332.


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